Can the Modern Business Survive Without a State-of-the-Art Printing System?

Business processes are becoming more digital by the day. We now send emails, rather than memos. We use online quote systems, rather than sending a fax. We search for answers on Google, rather than looking it up in a book. Almost everything we do in our personal and professional lives involves some kind of digital or multimedia interaction.As you look to the future, and increasingly use digital platforms to communicate and do business, will you be able to do away with offline processes such as printing? Constantly keeping your digital systems at the forefront of technology may improve your online productivity, but without an efficient printing system to support your offline needs, your business could suffer.As day-to-day employees’ working practices travel further up the digital stream – some now operating only in a digital space with emails, web and network connections – it’s important to keep up with the times. Even by having the most state-of-the-art email, hardware, database and networking systems, there is currently still a need to have hard-copies of information as a back-up, for legal reasons or simply for ease of use. Therefore, whilst the digital revolution is increasing business efficiency and information accessibility, the need for printing is currently still strong. Paper is something that is engrained in our society and the concept of an entirely paperless office still looks to be well off in the future.One of the biggest challenges faced by companies is how to effectively manage and integrate their offline printing solutions. A simple, secure network of printers may no longer suffice. To make your business’ printing the most efficient it can be, an in-depth look at the current printing needs and situation is needed: the more complex and fragmented the printing network is, the greater the likelihood it is not as effective as it should be.Integrating your business printing solution with your online systems is very important, as it will allow users to access, create, process and distribute content and information easily.The environmental impact of printing should also be considered, and an integrated printing solution that allows fast, high-quality duplex printing is a must in today’s business society. Not only will this help reduce the company’s environmental impact, it will help save money too.Therefore, an assessment of your current business needs, whilst considering your existing online systems, would be highly beneficial to any business. With the right printing solution and your existing, efficient online systems, your business will be able to achieve maximum online and offline productivity.

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Entering Art Competitions – Nine Tips to Making Your Experience Rewarding

When you are ready to enter your artwork in local art competitions, here are nine art tips that can help make this a great experience.Art Competition JurorsOne of the favorite pastimes of entrants is trying to predict the kind of artwork a particular juror will accept, based on that juror’s painting style. Sometimes picking your entries in this way works and you get in, but I’ve also seen jurors choose an eclectic mix of styles and subjects, only some of which were like their own.Art Tip # 1 – My advice is just enter your best work – art that shows skillful use of your painting medium, a well-designed composition and an image that shows creativity. These are three important criteria of most jurors.When you enter your best artwork, you are showing your strengths. After that, it is up to the juror and his or her viewpoint. And you’ll just have to accept the vagaries of the judging process. As a more extreme example of what can happen, I once had the same juror for two different shows. I entered the same painting in both art competitions and the juror rejected it from the first show and gave it an award in the later one. A nationally known artist told me a similar story about a painting of his. It was rejected from one national show and won Best of Show in another. I’m pretty sure he didn’t have my juror.Photographing Your ArtArt Tip # 2 – The second most important factor you control, after painting a great piece of art, is taking a good photograph of it. This is what the juror sees to judge your art; it needs to represent you well.The picture should, of course, be in focus and show colors that closely match your art, so become proficient at shooting your own work or find a professional to do it.What people who take pictures of their own art may not realize is the lighting conditions affect the color of your picture. Just like the old film cameras, shooting pictures with a digital camera using incandescent light bulbs will turn your picture more orange. Using fluorescent lights can turn the pictures greenish. Shooting outside when the sky is overcast can create a bluish tint, so look at your pictures closely before entering them.A lot of people make the mistake of leaving their digital camera set on Automatic. To get the color in your picture to match your artwork, you need to understand how to set the White Balance. Every time you shoot under different lighting conditions you should reset the White Balance. Check your manual for how to do this on your camera.Another award and entry killer is not submitting your entry in the required format with the required information. Always read the art contest prospectus. It’s amazing how many people don’t follow instructions, which instantly converts their entry fee into a donation.Art Tip # 3 – Film is going away, so my advice is to become familiar with how to prepare and send digital pictures.Art competitions that require digital entries often want your pictures to be formatted in a specific way. The prospectus will often say your entry should have a black background and be X number of pixels square. If you don’t want to buy software (like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements) that will help you do that, there are free internet sites you can also use to format your pictures.Framing your artOkay, you’ve been accepted into an art competition. There is another important decision to make. How well are you going to frame your work?Art Tip # 4 – Often, the juror doesn’t pick the award-winning art until he or she can see the actual work. Your whole presentation affects that decision.Matting and framing your art well are very important for two reasons.Reason 1: If you have a nice piece of art surrounded by a cheap-looking frame or a frame that’s scratched or dented, you’ve just reduced the award-worthiness of your work in the eyes of the juror.If you also have your art surrounded by gaudy or inappropriately colored mats, you’ve lowered your chances of an award even further. It’s best to be conservative. Use white or off-white mats.Reason 2: If an art buyer likes your art and would consider purchasing it, he or she often wants to be able to take it home and immediately hang it on their wall. If she feels she needs to spend more money to re-frame your art more appropriately, she is likely to decide it isn’t worth the wait, the cost, or the hassle.Art Tip # 5 – My advice is to frame your work as well as your budget will allow. If your work doesn’t sell, you can always reuse the frame for other art in other shows…but take into consideration Tip # 6.Art Tip # 6 – Ask yourself: How experienced are the people hanging the show?Let me explain. At one time I used to enter some of the smaller local art shows. The problem that changed my mind about this was I had so many frames scratched and ruined because they were badly handled. I use nice frames for my art – not the really high-end ones, but not the cheap ones either. In the smaller shows, what happened at times was the art was stored with the back of one piece of art leaning against the front of another. When that is done the screws on the back of one frame can easily scratch the frame or artwork behind it.Small art shows and small organizations may have volunteers who have little or no experience handling art. In these small shows especially, you have to make a judgment call as to how expensively to frame your work.I am much more trusting if the show venue is a professional gallery, since they have experience handling and hanging art.Glass for Your FrameIf you create art that needs to be framed under glass, you’ve got another decision to make. Do you use regular glass or the more expensive, non-reflective glass?Art Tip # 7 – Use the best glass you can afford.As expensive as it is, let me explain why I’m a strong proponent of non-reflective glass. Some years ago I was accepted into an art competition at a gallery. Normally, galleries have track lighting that can be positioned to reduce reflections.Unfortunately, my art (under regular glass) was hung on a wall facing the front windows. When the sun was shining on the street outside, the scene outside was all you could see reflected in my glass. This is a very effective way to guarantee you get neither a sale nor an award.But, being a slow learner, I continued using regular glass until a weekend a few years later. I had registered to display my art in an art fair. Now in an art fair, the artist pays for space to set up his canopy or tent to show and hopefully sell his work.Tents for this use are almost always white, as was mine. The white walls of my rented tent set up a reflective situation that the lights I was using could not overcome.Standing in front of some of the art was almost like standing in front of a mirror. Again, the only way to actually see the art was to stand off to the side. I had one sale that weekend.I may be a slow learner, but eventually the lesson does sink in. Since that disastrous weekend I have used nothing but non-reflective glass. It is almost as expensive as gold, but it works very well and eliminates a very important headache.Shipping your artYou might decide at some point to enter an art contest in another area, where you will need to ship your art.Art Tip # 8 – Total all your costs before you enter a competition, because the costs add up quickly.First, you need to buy a sturdy box to ship your painting. Air Float Systems ( carry boxes made especially for shipping art. The boxes are very sturdy, but they are not cheap. Or, you can build something similar to the Air Float boxes by purchasing a mirror box (available at U Haul and other packing stores) and some foam.Second, the art group organizing the show will designate a local shipping agent to receive your entry. The agent will unpack your art, deliver it to the show venue, pick it up after the show, repack it in your box and ship it back to you. The fee for this may be several hundred dollars in addition to the expense of your box and your original shipping costs.Art Tip # 9 – Never enter more pieces of art than you are prepared to deliver.If you call the art show organizer and try to weasel out of shipping one or more of your pieces that got accepted, you are not going to get a sympathetic ear. Or, if you just don’t deliver all of the art that was accepted, you could, depending on the rules of that art competition, be banned from entering for several years.So remember: Do your planning well ahead and follow these tips you are much more likely to have a rewarding experience when entering art competitions.

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Accident Attorneys Make Your Accident A Little Less Painful

As uncertain as accidents are, so are their causes and outcomes. One can be cautious against them but can’t prevent them totally. In addition, once you are involved into one, initially you are so awestruck that it’s difficult to think and act rationally and in self-interest for future. The best thing you can do now is contact an accident attorney.How Can An Accident Attorney Help?An accident attorney is a lawyer to take care of and also advice you on everything that you can get into after an incident, be it compensation claims, medical bills, police verifications or whatever. They will make you understand about compensation and the injuries that can be attained from the accidents like car, motorcycle, truck or boat. In addition, they would illustrate the kind of counterclaim that can be achieved as medical bill and the costs during the recovering time, when you cannot work.If it is entirely the other persons fault, then a vehicle mishap lawyer is all the more important. They guide you, understand your point and make precise legal representation for you in court, to give you deserving compensation.Where To Find One?There are many legal firms or their departments specializing in mishap cases. They have dedicated automobile accident attorneys, who specialize in rules and regulations pertaining to accident benefit.If you already know any such local firm then you can go for them. If not, then you can easily go online and trigger a search. Large number of legal firms and even private attorneys list themselves in such online directories.What To Look For?SpecializationYou should only select a legal representative specializing in the field of accidents. The state laws are often different and complicated for you to understand. As such your lawyer should be through with it.HistoryOne should check if the lawyer you are about to hire has actually won some cases in accidents claim.AttitudeWhile discussing and understanding your case, both of you should be comfortable with each other and communicate properly. Don’t go ahead if the lawyer is rude or not willing to listen.FeesSome lawyers charge the normal fees, as for any case. However, some of them charge extra for their specialized field. You should decide on how much you are comfortable to pay. Some of them also take a percentage of the claim amount they help you get. Make these points clear before hand.So don’t take any more pains after an incident, catch an accident attorney.

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Jobs in Public Relations – How to Succeed in Public Relations

Succeeding in public relation jobs are very subjective and vary from company to company and individual to another. But interestingly, the core values and competencies remain the same, however much the situation might vary. Successful public relation job holders are the people who are great manipulators with a humane and moral side. Of recent due to the increasing greed of money, the PR job at some corporate setups has been criticized as being more as a lobbyist job, but that is entirely different from what is being spoken about here. Those lobbyists cannot be called PR managers because they are doing something immoral/unethical to boost up their business. There is no ‘public’ there; it is just the company and the authority.The Moment of PR TriumphOne must understand that success as an individual will come only when the company has successfully being able to manage its clients. And the biggest clients anywhere are the consumers! It is a hell lot difficult to manage consumers than even the top brass of the company you’re working for. Just because of the reason that today people have become more aware and more demanding. They surely are the king – something which was unheard of when actual businesses started emerging and economies were more monopolistic.They wield the power to change/shift their loyalties anytime they feel like and that is the biggest challenge for the PR professional. It is your job to see that doesn’t happen; it needs a lot of cohesion and co-operation between the PR, HR, marketing and advertising departments. Though HR departments have little or no roles to play here, but one can learn ‘people management’ skills from them too! Managing clients is lot like keeping your workers happy too! And finally the moment of truth – delivering on the promises that you’ve made to the people! Promises are always meant to be kept in a democratic and competitive setup; those who can’t are simply out of business. Therefore it is important for you to realize that you shouldn’t promise the moon to your customers when your company doesn’t exactly endorse your views!Not only will you put the company’s image in jeopardy but also stand to lose your job, let alone being successful at it. Therefore communication should be the top-most priority for you when you want to be successful in a PR job. Setting standards is what everybody expects from a PR guy. Remember that expectations are a lot more that you can comprehend when you’re in a PR job. Needless to say, delivering on expectations is also of prime importance but not on the cost of company values, business ethics and morals. See this as a long term investment in people and you’ll understand what is being talked about here. Accountability is another aspect which is a harsh part of the learning curve. Learn to be accountable to the authority and you’ll never miss a chance to be in their good books! After having followed all of these, congratulate yourself because you just deserved a raise!

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The Benefits of ATV, Motorcycle, and Dirt Bike Maintenance

ATVs, motorcycles and dirt bikes are in a lot of ways like cars and trucks; the more diligent you are in your efforts to maintain and pamper your bike the more life you will get out of it. A properly maintained bike will provide years of enjoyment and retain its resale value in the event you decide to part ways with it. The time required is not significant compared to the maintenance of an automobile, but the tasks do need to be performed regularly in order to keep your ride in the best shape possible.What follows are a few basic tasks that should be performed on a routine basis in order to properly care for you motorcycle, dirt bike or ATV.Thoroughly Clean Your BikeWhen mud, sand, and dirt are allowed to remain on the vehicle for an extended period of time, damage occurs as a result of corrosion, paint deterioration, and rust. In a relatively short period of time, dirt and sand remaining on the bike can become hardened and will be very difficult to remove. When these elements are not regularly removed from the bike, they promote corrosion as well. By giving the bike a thorough cleaning on a regular basis, it will remain corrosion and rust-free for much longer than if these responsibilities are not performed.Do not Exceed Manufacturer’s SpecsWhen engineers design a bike or quad, certain parameters are established in order to ensure that the vehicle is operated safely. When a rider operates the bike in excess of these very specific guidelines, they are running the risk of incurring damage to the ATV – and possible personal injury to themselves as well. Operating the bike in excess of manufacturer specifications can range from hauling an excessively large load, to operating the bike at extreme speeds, to using the machine for tasks for which it was not intended. Operating your ATV, motorcycle, or dirt bike will require more frequent repairs, and can very well shorten the life of the bike.Perform Scheduled Maintenance as Directed by the ManufacturerYour bike is a machine that must have its maintenance services performed on a timely basis in order to ensure that the vehicle will remain problem free. This includes the lubrication of moving parts such as tie rod ends and ball joints, engine oil and filter replacement, and the periodic replacement of worn or defective parts. It is also important to replace the transmission fluid according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Neglecting the regular maintenance can very well lead to the occurrence of a costly, catastrophic repair. Furthermore, failing to perform routine maintenance can be a safety issue as well.Properly Prepare for StorageWhile it is easier to simply stick the bike into storage and close the garage door at the end of the season, doing so can potentially cause a lot of damage to occur in the engine, fuel system, and chassis, which can shorten the life of the vehicle.

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Health Care’s Perverse Incentives

A federal judge’s recent ruling that elements of the health care bill are unconstitutional has heightened the health care debate. Republicans, feeling their oats and perceiving a mandate, are threatening to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.It was only after my friend and colleague Dr. Bala Chandrasekhar explained most of the information in this post to me that I first came to understand the fundamental problem. Our medical community suffers from perverse incentives. The system does not reward results; it rewards the extension of care.In the world’s best hospitals, such as the Mayo Clinic, physicians collaborate, in a finite space, where information is shared and decisions are made. In the overwhelming majority of cases, patients are shuttled around, from general practitioners, to specialist, and from one laboratory to the next. Information about the patient’s medical history is rarely shared, an approach that does not support the best medical outcome for patients.The advent of electronic medical records and new rules governing payments is the impetus to consolidation in a business so unsophisticated, that many medical files and prescriptions are managed with a piece of paper, pen and fax machine. The institution of medicine needs to undergo radical change, and the prospects of larger organizations managing our care means that the stakes are getting higher.Unlike professionally managed businesses, there are massive variations in best practices in medical groups. Physicians hate oversight, and we pay the price in an estimated 100,000 people a year dying in U.S. hospitals from pure negligence (errors).It is intuitive to all of us that raising medical care costs are unsustainable, yet the numbers are daunting. The convergence of an aging populace and exponential health care inflation will double Medicare costs within a decade. By 2020, Medicare and Medicaid are projected to increase from 21% to over 30% of federal spending (non-interest payments), and that doesn’t include massive spending by state and local governments. Proponents argue that we have the best medical care in the world; but at what cost? A knee replacement that costs upward of $40,000 in the U.S., costs $5,000 in Germany. We all want the best health care, but at some point common sense must prevail.According to the bipartisan congressional report -Restoring America’s Future, “slowing the growth of health spending is realistic. Other advanced countries have substantially lower health spending as a share of GDP, while still achieving measures of access and quality that often exceed those in the United States. Although a uniquely American approach is required, these comparisons show what is achievable.” Health care reform focuses on capping costs for doctors and reforming various forms of insurance coverage (including universal coverage). It does little to reform the underlying behavioral issues that are driving up health care costs. The fee for service model is dated and irrelevant.If these costs are not constrained, our fiscal mess will get much worse, and our businesses and personal wealth will be drained by massive tax increases. Small business owners, who bear the brunt of a bloated health care bureaucracy in the form of inflated health insurance premiums must advocate for more meaningful reforms. Our economic future depends on it.

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How Are You Affected by Health Care Reform? – Part 1

Health Care reform… “What does it do for me?” “Is it going to be free?” “Will there be waiting lines at doctor offices?” “What about rationing?” These are all legitimate questions and will be addressed over the next few weeks.Efforts to change the delivery system of health care in the U. S. goes back over 100 years. However, the most well known attempt at reform was as recent as 1994 during the Clinton administration. The overriding goal of reform debate has been to get all Americans insured and relieve the system of treating patients who had no insurance.Providers then would shift the cost (I.e. cost shifting) to those who could afford to pay out of pocket or who had insurance. Consequently, the well to do and insured Americans saw their costs of health care rise disproportionately over time along with the premiums for health insurance.Since the failure of the 1994 attempt at reform, the health care system introduced “Managed Care” plans. These plans offered discounts in premiums to steer insureds into certain blocks of providers. These plans had a number of different looks, but the most common in the West Texas area was PPO plans.Managed Care plans helped alleviate the cost shifting stress for a while, but failed to bring more uninsured folks into the system. Eventually, as the number of uninsureds rose, premiums were forced higher and higher until today where it is not unusual for a family premium to be more than a house payment.Most estimates say 47 million Americans are without health insurance today. The original goal of reform debate when it was seriously renewed in 2008, was to force that 47 million people into the cost sharing arena.By March 23, 2010, the result of reform provided only modest incentives for those 47 million to participate in cost sharing system. Rather, the result ended up as insurance reform.On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). On March 30, 2010, the President signed into the law the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (HCERA), adding certain amendments to PPACA. Combined the two laws comprise health care reform.The end result of reform will not reduce costs. The primary focus intended to get those 47 million Americans in the system as participating financial contributors by forcing them to purchase health insurance or open the health insurance markets up to insure those with pre-existing health conditions.The incentives to get more people into the system include:-tax credits for businesses who offer and help pay for insurance
-penalties to individuals and families who do not buy insurance
-elimination of pre-existing health condition exclusions by health insurance carriers
-premium subsidy payments to individuals and families who could not afford insurance
-expansion of MedicaidThese mandates along with a host of other mandates will be phased in over the next seven years, with the majority required by January 1, 2014. It is on this date that subsidies, penalties, and adult pre-existing condition limitations begin. Other prominent provisions begin on that date as well:-State run “Health Insurance Exchanges” must be operating
-Policies may no longer include limitations on annual benefits
-Wellness programs begin
-Group plans will not be able to extend waiting periods for insurance eligibility beyond 90 days
-Employers must begin to “certify” coverage.Other mandates require insurance companies to install important provisions by September 23, 2010:-Dependent children, whether married or unmarried, student or non-student may remain as dependents until age 26
-Group health plans may not set lifetime maximum benefit amounts on “Essential Health Benefits”. The Dept of Health and Human Services will be determining what “Essential Health Benefits” are by September 23
-Children under age 19 who have a pre-existing condition must be “guaranteed issue”
-Insurance companies may not rescind health insurance policies except in limited cases of fraud or misrepresentation by an applicant
-A $250 payment will be made to Medicare Part D (prescription drug plan) beneficiaries as the first installment toward closing the “donut hole” by 2020.Health plans in effect on March 23, 2010, or collectively bargained plans will be exempt from certain requirements and will retain the “grandfathered” status until, as yet undefined, policy changes are made. The grandfathered plans must still abide by dependent children to age 26 and benefit limitation rules. However they will be exempt from other more significant requirements that will be addressed in later columns.Grandfathered health plan premiums will likely be less adversely affected than post-grandfathered plans which will have to conform to many mandates. Most experts believe health insurance on January 1, 2014, could be well over 75% higher than a similar policy today.Very small group plans may give way to individual plans of insurance because the structure of health care reform blurs the line of distinctions between the two.In the meantime prior to September 23, 2010, insurance companies will distribute updates to small group plan sponsors the following items:-Children can remain on parents’ coverage until age 26
-elimination of lifetime benefit caps
-35% tax credit for offering and paying all or a portion of group health planThe next article will focus on group insurance reforms with more detail about the effects on small

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5 Things You Need To Know About Commercial Finance

IntroductionMost people, especially “first time buyers”, tend to think only in terms of approaching their own banks when it comes to arranging finance. There are, however, other sources. There are Commercial mortgage Lenders, Asset Finance Lenders, Lenders that specialise in factoring/invoice discounting, lenders that can provide finance based on existing pensions, refinancing of existing commercial finance and much, much more. Also consider a personal loan or mortgage.What Security Do You Have For The LoanFor large commercial loans, commercial finance lenders usually require land and buildings as security for the loan. In the current economic climate it is very difficult to get finance for more than 70% of the value of the loan – although in a very limited number of cases – not impossible! If you are looking for more than 70% – be prepared to look for other alternatives. For smaller loans, vehicles, plant, equipment etc. may be acceptable. Some lenders even allow you to refinance equipment that you already own (say a car) thereby enabling you to release capital into your business.Which Commercial Finance Sector Does Your Application Fall IntoNot every lender is interested in lending across the complete range of business sectors. They are competitive only in the sectors in which they are keen to lend. For example, land and property – mortgages, vehicles, plant and machinery – asset finance. You should therefore decide which business sector your requirement falls in.What Is Your Credit HistoryThe better your credit history the lower the interest rate that you will have to pay. If your credit history is not perfect (and in this current credit crunch very little is being seen as perfect credit history) you will need to be applying to a specialist commercial finance lender.Government GrantsThe UK government provide various grants for businesses. Some of the most common are Under the Small Firms Loan Guarantee Schemes [EFG] (which are easy to set up),. 75% of risk is taken by Government and provides another way of introducing vital growth capital to small businesses. Not available if there is existing potential security such as high equity in property where a secured loan could be set up.R&D Tax Credits can be available to companies who carry out any research and development, including engineering, software, computer hardware or any product development, can be eligible for claiming R & D tax credits. This can mean the equivalent of an injection of capital for as much as £70,000.DTI Marketing [and other] Government grants can be available to companies in most sectors for the development of business by using DTI Marketing (and other) Grants.Approach A Lender Direct Or Use A Broker.When obtaining a commercial loan, the Lender usually charges a fee for providing the loan. If you decide you use a Broker then the Broker will also usually charge a fee for arranging the loan. Whilst the natural reaction is to approach Lenders direct, a Broker will deal with lots of lenders covering many different sectors and so can be more efficient in the long run. A good Broker will be able to provide help in sourcing of finance for all of the above loan and more.

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Hard Money Commercial Loans – What to Watch Out For

Unfortunately the arena of hard money commercial loans is rough and filled with aggressive lenders and a few that are complete con artists. Most borrowers come to these lenders in vulnerable positions needing cash quickly and are often in much emotional stress. It goes without saying that a borrower can worsen their situation by picking the wrong hard money commercial lender.Here is how the typical commercial loan process works. The lender will normally ask to see 2 or 3 years worth of tax returns, personal financial statements and year to date financials. They will also take a look at the borrower credit to 1. Get an idea of their score, and 2. Get a better idea what their personal debts are and monthly payments.Most importantly the lender will start doing research on the subject property, neighboring properties, comparable recent sales and trend of the market, etc. They’ll try to confirm the value that the borrower mentioned. Most commercial hard money lenders will not go beyond 60% loan to value, and that 60% loan to value on a discounted value. If the lender doesn’t ask to see these documents or doesn’t seem to be doing some research be careful.Now assuming that the lender likes the deal and wants to move forward they will issue some type of Letter of Intent. It might be called a Term Sheet. It will specify the basic terms – rate, points, prepays or exits fees, duration of loan, etc all the major points will be itemized. Also, the borrower will be expected to sign the Letter of Intent as well as send in a deposit.The only point of the deposit should be to cover the third party report costs i.e. pay for the appraisal, or for the lender to fly out and personally take a look at the property. Sometimes they will want an environmental report done as well or title to be paid for etc.If the lender is asking for more money upfront, than say $4,000 to $6,000 to just cover the 3rd party reports the borrower should be very careful. This is where many borrowers get hurt, the lender asks for say 1% of the loan amount and many borrowers unwittingly send it in. Nothing else really happens with the loan but the lender calls the borrower pretending that they’re still working on it, giving status and reassuring the borrower that it looks fine, etc. After a month the borrower receives the call that “unfortunately they just can’t do the deal, because value came in too low, or the market shifted or there’s environmental issues or ____ fill in the blank. And no there is none of the deposit left it has all been spent on third party reports.Be careful and be as patient as you can be. Do your home work and be thorough. Keep in mind that the commercial mortgage industry is unregulated and tends to attract aggressive people.

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Minimize Payday Loan Lender And Bank Account Fees

“Will online payday loan lenders be able to make transactions into my bank account?” If your bank offers direct deposits of your paychecks then it will be accessible to direct payday loan lender transactions. Just as you would want to shop around for the best payday loan money option when needing extra cash, you will want to shop around for the best bank account to suit your personal needs.Your personal finances should be top priority. Finding a bank account which will fit into your everyday needs without paying fees each month may take some shopping around.* Do you want to use direct deposit or deposit your paycheck yourself? Some people like that feeling of placing their money into the bank themselves. If this is you, you would want to choose a bank in close proximity to your workplace or home. Choosing the direct deposit way may save you money on fees. Banks will often waive account fees when money is transferred electronically. Using this feature will also open you up to using direct payday loan lenders when your bank balance gets too low.* Do you like to write checks or are you more apt to use debit cards for purchasing transactions? Some accounts will only have debit cards which can be used in many instances, while others are also used as a credit card which opens the user up to using the card anywhere a credit card is accepted.* Are there easy ways to get money out of the account? ATMs are a great way to get fast cash out of your bank account. Find a bank which will offer free access for these transactions. Having to pay to get access to your own money may be convenient at times, but it is not a good practice to be in. Fees are charged by payday loan lenders for the use of third party money. This makes more sense; your money should be accessed for free.* Banks are catching on to the new technology for smartphone or tablet apps. If this kind of banking is your style, then you will want to find a bank who offers these options. Some of the bigger payday loan lenders will also offer no fax loans which uses new technology to replace having to fax or email bank statements into the loan manager.* Online banking should give you access to transfer money into other accounts. Some banks will also allow you to do this to accounts which are not linked to the savings or checking. When you have a savings account to pull money from when the demand to pay bills is high, you will be able to protect your account similar to a payday loan lender without the fees.* Pay close attention to whether or not you will have enough money to keep your account free of charges. Some banks will expect a minimum balance in order to keep monthly fees disabled. If you cannot afford to keep that amount in there at all times, you will want to continue to shop for an account which you can afford.Pay attention to the key components to your money transactions. This will save you money in the long run. Just as you would want to use an online payday loan lender with the smallest of fees, keep fees away or at the minimal possible when opening bank accounts.

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