Jobs in Public Relations – How to Succeed in Public Relations

Succeeding in public relation jobs are very subjective and vary from company to company and individual to another. But interestingly, the core values and competencies remain the same, however much the situation might vary. Successful public relation job holders are the people who are great manipulators with a humane and moral side. Of recent due to the increasing greed of money, the PR job at some corporate setups has been criticized as being more as a lobbyist job, but that is entirely different from what is being spoken about here. Those lobbyists cannot be called PR managers because they are doing something immoral/unethical to boost up their business. There is no ‘public’ there; it is just the company and the authority.The Moment of PR TriumphOne must understand that success as an individual will come only when the company has successfully being able to manage its clients. And the biggest clients anywhere are the consumers! It is a hell lot difficult to manage consumers than even the top brass of the company you’re working for. Just because of the reason that today people have become more aware and more demanding. They surely are the king – something which was unheard of when actual businesses started emerging and economies were more monopolistic.They wield the power to change/shift their loyalties anytime they feel like and that is the biggest challenge for the PR professional. It is your job to see that doesn’t happen; it needs a lot of cohesion and co-operation between the PR, HR, marketing and advertising departments. Though HR departments have little or no roles to play here, but one can learn ‘people management’ skills from them too! Managing clients is lot like keeping your workers happy too! And finally the moment of truth – delivering on the promises that you’ve made to the people! Promises are always meant to be kept in a democratic and competitive setup; those who can’t are simply out of business. Therefore it is important for you to realize that you shouldn’t promise the moon to your customers when your company doesn’t exactly endorse your views!Not only will you put the company’s image in jeopardy but also stand to lose your job, let alone being successful at it. Therefore communication should be the top-most priority for you when you want to be successful in a PR job. Setting standards is what everybody expects from a PR guy. Remember that expectations are a lot more that you can comprehend when you’re in a PR job. Needless to say, delivering on expectations is also of prime importance but not on the cost of company values, business ethics and morals. See this as a long term investment in people and you’ll understand what is being talked about here. Accountability is another aspect which is a harsh part of the learning curve. Learn to be accountable to the authority and you’ll never miss a chance to be in their good books! After having followed all of these, congratulate yourself because you just deserved a raise!

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